Sex without love?!


Fact: Men can easily engage in sex without love or commitment. Ouch!!


Of course, some men will probably deny this and if you really think you can believe him, bless you. You have just come across very rare specie.


I read this most interesting remark from an article in the Internet. It says, “Men will do anything for sex, even love. Women will do anything for love, even sex”.


Not necessarily true but drives a point. For most of us, being hugged, touched, caressed and cuddled is much more important than sex. We feel intimacy and closeness when we talk, touch and share our thoughts with our loved one. These feelings take time to develop; this is why we want to take time with a relationship. We want to go through the steps of getting to know you, becoming friends, touching, kissing and showing affection. Eventually, we get around to “doing the deed” when we already feel closeness and intimacy. We use emotional connection as the road to sex.


On the other hand, men, (ok, there are exceptions) use sex as the road to make an emotional connection. Many men see sex as a way to get close to a woman, and possibly even a way to please her. They view sex as a true expression of love and affection. There are men who think that a relationship has not even started until it includes sex. Shallow as it may seem, some men view sex as a measure of love.


Because of our opposing view of sex and it place in the relationship, it is very difficult for us to understand how men can have sex with a woman he is not in love with. How can he do this? Well, he can, even though, he may not admit it. Men have times when they just want sex for the sake of sex itself without the complications and entanglements of a relationship. A friend of mine calls it, “need for feminine presence”. In short, there may be times when he just wants a woman’s body, times when he doesn’t want the soft music, subdued lights, slow rhythmic movements, punctuated by “I-love-yous”. He just wants action. He doesn’t need to work so hard to please. She can look like your beat-up frying pan and he doesn’t care.


As if we are not tortured enough by these thoughts, here is another universal truth about men and sex that we will never understand. Even if he loves you, he can still daydream about sex with another partner. This doesn’t mean he finds you less interesting, it just makes his sex life more exciting and more pleasurable.


Although most men consider “getting lucky” a very desirable position, you can comfort yourself in the fact that almost all men confess to having a more pleasurable, satisfying time with someone they really care for than with someone they just “got lucky with”.


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