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you want without losing yourself

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ATTRACT the man that you have been dreaming of, even if he hasn't paid you any attention in the past!

KEEP your man totally interested in you and get him to LOVE you even more even after years of being together!


    Dear Friend,

     Honestly, have you ever found yourself in any of these situations ?

You go out and explore all opportunities to meet someone and yet not manage to meet anybody worth your while?

You found someone you really, really like but you did not know what to do to get him to notice you?

You are in a relationship and yet, you find yourself constantly jealous and insecure?

You are in a relationship and yet, you are not happy and wish you are with someone better?

You spend your nights imagining you are someone else?

You are wondering why everybody seems to have found somebody... and why you're still alone?

You have been in a number of relationships and each one of these relationships turned out badly, leaving you scarred and scared to give it another go?

You are wondering why the men you fancy never reciprocate your feelings?

You are wondering why your dates seemed to have gone alright, and yet the men never called you again?

You wonder why, when you are in a relationshp, you seem to be the one always doing all the work?

You wonder why, when you are in a relationship, your man loses interest after a while?

You wonder why, when in a relationship, you have given all you've got and yet your man leaves you for another?

It took you sometime to find someone only to find yourself unhappy with yourself, with your man and the relationship?


If you answered yes to any or even more, don't feel so bad.  Almost every woman, even the most desirable ones have at one time or another have gone through stages of self-doubt, distress and depression, you name it, all in the pursuit of that elusive one called true love.


And too often, as you probably experienced many times, this pursuit of true love often leads to this thing I call "bad love".


Simply put, bad love is the kind of love that makes you feel bad about yourself, your man, and your relationship most of the time.


In short, you are in love but you are not happy.


Just like most women, I had my share of bad loves. I had periods in my life where I wondered why everyone else was dating someone, getting engaged, getting married, living with someone. etc. and I can't seem to find someone. And when I did find someone, there was something wrong with the man, with the relationship, or with me. Nothing seems to work out fine!


As a result, I had my fair share of better-than-nothing relationships. You know, those relationships that exist just for the sake of having someone to go out with. Those relationships that deep inside make you feel really miserable because you know you deserve someone better.


Just like you, I got tired of all these and decided that there must be something one can do to find and keep the love that you deserve.


I spent countless months reading every resource I can get my hands on.  I interviewed people, actively observing what makes people and relationships tick... and what makes them fall apart.


The result of all these efforts is a book titled "Hello, Good Love!  The art of finding,

attracting and keeping the love you want without losing yourself".

Dear Coralyn,

I got a copy of your book from a friend who went on holiday in Singapore and I was blown away!

I thought it was just one of those silly books but after I started reading I could't put it down.

At that time I got your book, I was in a BTN, (better-than-nothing) relationship. I wasn't miserable but I wasn't happy either. I knew I deserve something better and I also knew there was something stopping me.

I just couldn't put a handle on it.

Thanks to your book, I finally got the courage to get out of that relationship. I am currently dating a wonderful guy. I followed your advice on how to find and attract the man I want, and soon after I met this man!

We're not getting married yet. But I am working on it. I'm applying your tips on how to keep a man happy.

Will let you know if it works.



London, UK

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Hello, Good Love!


Earlier, I talked about good love. So, if there is bad love, there must be good love. This is what this book is all about.


Simply put, good love is the kind of love that makes you feel good about yourself, your man and your relationship most of the time.


In short, you are in love and you are happy.


After five years, I decided to revisit this book and see whether this book that changed a lot of women's lives is still worth a read. Is is still relevant? Does it still make sense?

  This new, digital edition is the result of this review.


  Here's what you'll find in Hello, Good Love!


How to take very good, hard look at yourself and the state of your relationship. if you are in one. Are you in a bad loving relationship?  And if you are, what can you do?

How to use a very simple, yet powerful strategy to get whatever you want out of life, including getting the man of your dreams!

How to understand that special creature called "man"

How to find the man that you are dreaming of, and once you've found him, how do you get him to be attracted to you?

How to flirt like a pro.  Execute all the right moves and get all the right vibes from the men you want to attract

How to be the dating goddess. You'll never be clueless again when it comes to dating.

How to tell if your man is the "One". How to find out if your man is the right one for you. And most important, how to tell if he intends to marry you.

How to keep your man interested in you... and get him to love you even more after years of being together.  Clue: it just ain't sex!

How to keep your man happy in your relationship... and at the same time keeping yourself happy too

How to manage your jealousy and keep yourself secure and confident of his love despite the "competition"

How to know if your relationship is about to end. And how you should end it.

How to survive a break-up beautifully, and emerge an even happier person, even if you were the one who was dumped!

How to use the power of the Internet to find real love... without getting scammed!

Hello, Good Love! is a simple, yet very powerful book that has changed the lives and loves of women who have read it. 

If you went this far reading this site, I can safely assume that you believe that you deserve good love in your life. You are like the countless women who know what they want and deserve in life and yet at a loss at how they are going to achieve it. This book is my humble contribution to women out there who are seeking this elusive "good love".

I have made this digital version available for free. Please feel free to share this site with your friends. If you wish to purchase the paperback version, please click here.

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I wish you much love and success.

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